Don Heights Unitarian
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Aug 12 2017


12:00 PM

Repair Cafe at Don Heights

As a society, we throw away vast amounts of stuff. Even things with almost nothing wrong that could get a new lease on life after a simple repair.

Repair Café Toronto organizes monthly gatherings in which volunteer “fixers” help visitors learn how to repair for free. They aim to build a more sustainable society and counter the throwaway mindset. Repair Café Toronto supports the model of the sharing economy through building a community where people with repair skills are valued and organizations collaborate and innovate for the common good. The first Repair Café in Toronto was launched in May 2013.

Don Heights will be hosting our very own Repair Café for small appliances, bikes and a “stuffy hospital” (a place for stuffed toys of all kinds who need some tender loving care).

We need:

  • you to bring your small appliances, bikes or stuffies for repair
  • your skills at repairing things (Repair Café is always looking for people who can do things. This will be a small, specialized Café but all types of repairs are needed at larger cafes.)
  • your baking skills for the snack area
  • your friendly, smiling face to make visitors feel welcome and guide them through the process
  • you to help spread the word to your friends and neighbours about our Café

For further information, please contact Judy Newman.