About Us

Our Present and Future Vision

Don Heights is a resilient, welcoming community of diverse individuals,
promoting love, reason and freedom in religion,
fostering lifelong spiritual growth and
acting for social justice and the environment

Freedom in Religion; Justice in Action

Approved at a Congregational Meeting, October 4, 2009


Our Mission
(Our Mission grows out of our Vision statement describing our purpose; our job in the world)


“Resilient, welcoming community”
We exist to maintain a community of conscientious Unitarians working in shared ministry to create a welcoming atmosphere, and to work for the human rights of all people who are oppressed or left out.


“Diverse Individuals”
We exist to honour and appreciate human differences in all aspects, and in particular differences of age, culture, race, socio-economic levels, sexual orientation and ability.


“Promoting Love”
We exist to understand and promote all forms of love, agape, empathy, non-cliquish, unconditional, compassionate, non-judgemental, touching the heart.


“Promoting Reason”
We exist for the exchange of ideas, to provide opportunities for exploration, to promote open-mindedness, dialogue, life-long learning, engaging the intellect, and questioning.


“Promoting freedom of religion”
We exist to promote understanding for differing theological orientations, to encourage interfaith respect, alliances and advocacy, to be open to spiritual mysteries in whatever forms.


“Fostering Life-long Spiritual Growth”
We exist to support the freedom of individuals to change their spiritual perspectives, searching for meaning, ethical awareness, and purpose-filled life.


“Acting for Social Justice and the Environment”
We exist to walk our talk, fighting for equality, using our resources to reflect our social justice values and to advocate for positive change.



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